SmartNet Technologies – Our Services

SmartNet Technologies – Our Services


Product Development
We provide a wide range of IT services, as a product developers, consultants and innovative solutions providers, primarily focusing on high-quality software. We are committed to providing quality, security and privacy to every partner.

Individual Approach

To find the most cost-effective solution for every particular customer with a non-trivial approach during the entire software development cycle with advisory and after-development support.

Adaptable Development Teams

Our software development teams are flexible and able to be resized and readjusted anytime upon customer’s request.

Manageable Processes

Our clients can control the project implementation at any stage.

Flexible Payment Models

We offer three basic business models for offshore software development – fixed cost, time and material or dedicated team – that can be easily combined or modified at any stage of cooperation accordance with our customer suggestions.

Business Models

Outsourcing services can be delivered by following:

  • Fixed-price model
  • Time & material model
Fixed-price Model

Focuses on understanding the costs before project is approved. This way, both the client and SMARTNET TECHNOLOGIES will have complete understanding of the project in terms of scope, timelines, risks and budget.

Time & Material Model

allows clients to have flexibility in managing HR and know-how according to their specific needs. This way, they have access to a pool of highly skilled professionals and availability of certain domain ‘off-the-shelf’ knowledge.

The most important features of this model are:

  • Team dedicated to a client
  • Access to certain domain knowledge
  • Close communication with team members

Partner Solutions

Strategic partnership between SMARTNET TECHNOLOGIES and prospective partner companies is being conceived as a solution that helps reducing project delivery times, increasing the markets reach, and aligning projects with key business and governance drivers. We invite you to explore the opportunities to become a partner with our innovative and capable company.

In Detail

WEB Development

We specialize in .NET Web Application Development and we provide all the parts of the Application Lifecycle Management. From analyzing the idea/problem, to research, development and testing up, to deployment, technical support and maintenance.

We're not here just to provide high-level functionality, but to give you the strategic and technical advice you need to drive your business forward. Refined over years of development, our robust process keeps your project running on time and under budget. Each assignment is headed up by a dedicated Analyst/Project Manager who will lead our development team and act as your single point of contact.

Outsourcing Services

Reduce your development costs thanks to our teams. It is not only about putting resources at your disposal, but to offer you a complete solution. We can manage the entire application lifecycle.

The assumption is that we know how to code and that we are up-to-date with the latest technologies. But what makes a difference is that we are good at software design on both functional and architectural level. A software that provides excellent user experience is the thing that makes a difference and makes us better, faster and more effective.

Also, at this point, it's important to point out at this point that we don’t need micro-management, but of course we can manage our projects based on Agile/Scrum methodology. Also, based on project and team size for particular project, we have regular meetings on a daily or weekly basis. Daily, weekly and monthly status reports are implied and they are required for internal use as well as for our clients

Game Development

Our game development service includes (but is not limited to) customized mobile game development for other international brands, advertising companies and publishers. We develop and provide well-optimized mobile game engines for many types of customized games.

Please review the latest demo we have released, intended for presentation purposes only.
It is available at link bellow.

SmartNet Unity3d Game Demo
Mobile Applications

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We deliver native mobile applications seamlessly connected to an online service, corporate business application or informational online resource.

SmartNet helps both established businesses and ambitious startups uncover the benefits of new mobile user experience.

Xamarin Development

We are using Xamarin because it's a better way to design apps, to develop apps, to integrate apps, to test apps and more. As developers, we are using a modern programming language, code sharing across all platforms, prebuilt backend connectors and no-compromise native user interfaces. With Xamarin we writes your apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac and more.

By using Xamarin we creates native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps in C#.

Xamarin is among the most robust development tools for hybrid as well as native applications. It uses C# to build native apps for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, all with a single code base. It is the latest standard for enterprise mobile development. Over 500,000 developers from more than 100 Fortune 500 companies use Xamarin development for their business apps.

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WEB & Digital Design

Landing pages that convert. Banner design that attracts clicks. Graphic design that shows off your brand's identity. Web design that is beautiful and functional. Web design that is beautiful and functional. Your website is the chance where you can make the first, and often the last impression on your prospects and customers.

And even if your ideal customers are not on your website per se, you still have a chance to impress them. Think of your banner ads appearing on a third party website, HTML templates of your e-newsletters and the logo of your brand that might be featured on blogs.