We Are

We Are

consultants, system implementers, developers, integrators & project managers

software development company

SMARTNET TECHNOLOGIES is a software development company which offers development and implementation of information technologies. With personnel coming from various backgrounds in this field, SmartNet provides a wide range of business solutions based on client/server technology and multi-layer architecture.

SMARTNET TECHNOLOGIES specializes in developing its products with the business aims of the end-user in mind, while providing reliable software quickly and with less risk. Using the most suitable technology for the project, along with professionalism in its services, SMARTNET TECHNOLOGIES always seeks to improve its offer through continued training and research in development.

Steps to Success


Take your idea to the next level with help of our team. We believe in your concept. What makes difference is that we are good at software design on functional and architectural level and committed to bring your ideas to life.


Being a solution provider company, we bring some new and elegant solutions to known problems, which comes from our years of experience and problem solving research based on good programming practice and optimal resource management.


In order to meet the demands of our projects development, the process itself gets splitted into separate stages, from requirements gathering, to planing, prototyping and testing, to a final product delivering


As one of the most important steps in providing customer's service, we take our delivery agreements very seriously in both timelines and clients demands.

Our Team

John Smith
Principal Designer

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Emma Jenkins
Project Manager

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How we work

Commitment to Quality

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our processes as clear and transparent for you as possible. We adhere to the best industry practices and always commit ourselves to deliver a predictable high-quality result that you expect from your vendor. We place the major focus on delivering secure, reliable solutions of long-term value that enable our customers to concentrate on their core business objectives.

Comprehensive Service Offering

We have been accumulating best practices, expanding and polishing our technology knowledge and understanding of business processes. Launched separately, our major service lines gradually evolved into a complex systems integration offering, which brings concentrated expertise and synergistic benefits.

Development Process

We usually suggest splitting the development process into several iterations (stages). Our most common iterative approach includes:

  • Initial requirements gathering;
  • Planning and project details specification;
  • Prototype creation;
  • Submission of demo versions to your approval;
  • Comprehensive product testing;
  • Final version delivery;
  • Solution implementation, stabilization and user training.

SmartNet’s project management policy is aimed to provide maximum transparency to the key project activities and commitments, budgeting, workload planning, and metrics used in the process. We elaborate and communicate a detailed activity plan to every person involved in the project, which will:

  • define major and minor stages of the process;
  • show objectives and deliverables at the end of each stage;
  • reflect which processes, methods, techniques and methodologies will be used;
  • display human resources, qualifications that are required;
  • assign roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Our Customers receive comprehensive reports that allow evaluating the progress made, and where required, promptly optimizing processes and resources.

Quality Management System

We realize the paramount importance of quality assurance processes. That’s why we engage our independent QA team in product development very early – right after the initial project requirements have been studied. Our Quality Management System ensures full compliance of our software solutions with international quality standards and enables our partners from all over the world to entrust their software development initiatives to SmartNet and continually benefit from reliable and secure software.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our engagement models are very flexible: as your project objectives change, you can easily switch to another model of cooperation, or choose a hybrid model by combining features of all engagement models, which match your needs best.