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develop cross platform mobile applications using Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin cross-platfrom app development
Cross-platform development

Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool that allows development of mobile applications ans compatibility by saving on higher costs of investment.

It uses C# to build native apps for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, all with a single code base. SmartNet have huge expertise in cross platform development tools and native app development. Hence, we develop robust and scalable Xamarin applications. Using the power of Xamarin, we create native apps with device-specific experiences.

It is the latest standard for enterprise mobile development. Over 500,000 developers from more than 100 Fortune 500 companies use Xamarin development for their business apps.

More about Xamarin and you can find on Xamarin wikipedia page or you can visit Xamarin App Development with Visual Studio official site.

Xamarin Development Advantage at SmartNet Technologies

We are using Xamarin because it's a better way to design apps, to develop apps, to integrate apps, to test apps and more. As developers, we are using a modern programming language, code sharing across all platforms, prebuilt backend connectors and no-compromise native user interfaces. With Xamarin we writes your apps entirely in C#, sharing the same code on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac and more.

By using Xamarin we creates native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps in C#.

For more information, advice or a quote about Xamarin development please contact us by phone +381 63 1494 848 or by email office@smartnet.rs

Cross Platform Development in C#

What Xamarin Development Offers

  • Cross Platform Development in C#
  • Native UI Development
  • Reuse of existing .NET libraries
  • Visual Studio as well as Xamarin Studio
Platform specific Knowledge

What Xamarin Development Avoids

  • Higher Investment Costs
  • Platform specific Knowledge
  • Need to device specific development platforms
  • ...
Lower investment

Lower investment

Of course, Xamarin is a mobile app development tool meant to allow cross platform compatibility thus saving on higher costs of investment. Our experience with other cross platform tools coupled with native app development adds to a better understanding of how Xamarin works and come up with the most efficient ways of unleashing its true potential. With the power of Xamarin, we create native apps with device-specific experiences.

C# and Xamarin Development

C# and Xamarin Development

We deliver performance rich compiled code in Xamarin with full access to all the native APIs. We have had years of experience in working with Objective C, C# and Java that makes working with C# based Xamarin, our second nature as Xamarin. We standardize mobile app development in C# and leverage our existing skills and tools (Visual Studio) to rapidly deliver great apps with a broad reach.

Xamarin Software Development Service Inquiry

Hire Our Xamarin Development Services

SmartNet Technologies is a leading Xamarin development company Europe. As a premier Xamarin development and consulting partner, Smartnet Technologies has used xamarin to develop applications for multiple operating systems simultaneously thus cutting down on costs as saving time of both our client and their their own. On completion of projects, customers can take more control of the code, making updates themselves as and when seen necessary, all with a lower overhead. You can engage our skilled and experienced Xamarin developers for your Xamarin development projects.

Offshore Xamarin Development Company Europe

SmartNet Technologies is an offshore Xamarin development company in Europe. At SmartNet Technologies, the most important thing is to ensure the creation of mobile apps that people love to use. Our talented and creative mobile team, works from Europe which gives our clients the advantage of receiving a virtual 24X7 support due to different time zones in addition to a cost effective solution. Xamarin mobile development service at SmartNet Technologies aims at creating applications according to individual client needs in a quick and fun manner.

As one of the best Xamarin development companies in Europe, we deliver high performance compiled code with full access to all the native APIs so what our clients give their customers is a native app with device-specific experience! Write to us for your very own Xamarin app. You can outsource our skilled and experienced Xamarin developers for your Xamarin projects. We excel in Xamarin mobile apps and welcome all those who want one, to write to us. We will be more than glad to help you get your dream game at a price tailored to match your budget.

The mission of the SmartNet Technologies Xamarin team is to produce the best cross platform compatible applications using the very efficient Xamarin platform. We make development easy, fast and fun.

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